C Arm X Ray Machine Installation | Columbia, SC

C Arm X Ray Machine
OEC 9600 Mobile C

SouthernStates Imaging was recently approached by a customer in Columbia, SC looking for C arm x ray machine equipment that would fit a very specific need. They were looking for a system that could perform cardiac catheterizations of coronary arteries in large animals. Their second specific need was that it needed to be an affordable system. The Refurbished OEC 9600 paired with an Expanded Surgical Package (ESP) and Vascular Module was the answer for such a unique need.

OEC 9600 C-Arm

A versatile system that can be easily configured to perform a host of diverse needs. The Expanded Surgical Package is a multi-application system that has the ability to provide enhanced service for a variety of general, orthopedic and vascular surgeries. The ESP system includes enhanced image storage up to 200 frames, and improved image processing. Another feature is a patient annotation keyboard, for patient’s information to be included on the flouro image and hard copy.

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Turnkey Medical Imaging Equipment Solution | Poplar Bluff, MO

Medical Imaging Equipment
FireCR with Vertical Mount

Looking for quality medical imaging equipment, the Fire CRII was an easy choice for Poplar Bluffs latest diagnostic imaging equipment purchase. This high quality CR system offers excellent image quality and fast patient turnaround time while occupying a minimal footprint. With the intuitive OpalRAD acquire software by Viztek imaging is made quick and easy after minimal training! Furthermore, this system can process 60 plates per hour while offering excellent image quality.  

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Vestibular Autorotation TEST (VAT) Equipment Available

Vestibular Autorotation Test
Vestibular Autorotation Test

Balance Tests

Vestibular Autorotation Test equipment is used for diagnosing and monitoring vestibular disease. The American Geriatric Society and Medicare together state that 85% of senior falls occur as a result of some type of vestibular issue.

In an effort to reduce the amount of fall injuries by seniors, doctors are being encouraged to screen all seniors for vestibular disorders. The Vestibular Autorotation Test, or Balance Tests, is a noninvasive test that requires minimum space and is easily rolled into any exam room or hallway. The tests yield reports with interpretation for serial evaluation and will help reduce the amount of senior falls.

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