Dexa Scanner Relocation | Savannah, GA

DEXA - GE Prodigy Lunar
GE Prodigy Lunar DEXA System

Relocating a GE Prodigy Lunar Dexa can be a difficult task. At 8′ long and requiring precise calibration for proper functionality, thorough planning and great care are needed to complete the job successfully on the first attempt. Before the the deinstall process begins the system is tested and verified to be a fully functional and reliable DEXA scanner. Next comes removing all of the panels from the scanner bed as well as fully removing the x-ray detector arm from the body of the system. Carefully padding and securing the x-ray detector along with the rail mounted tube and collimator assembly for safe transport is crucial. After disassembling the Scanner and bundling all acquire station components and cables. With our system relocation experience and a U-Haul rental we were able to successfully uninstall, transport and reinstall this bone density system in a single day. Full system recalibration and staff applications training was completed by day two of the Bone Density System Relocation.

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