Diagnostic Imaging Services Available Throughout The Southeast

Southern States Imaging is committed to customer satisfaction and always delivers the most efficient diagnostic imaging services. Our success has grown thanks most largely to our commitment to our suppliers, to our customers and to our quality of service. We know that good business partnerships don’t stop after the sale. Your practice can count on our availability when it comes to further coordinating with technical engineering staff and partners. We would enjoy the opportunity to provide our diagnostic imaging services for all of your practice needs.

Remote Diagnostic Imaging Services

We offer internet remote diagnostic support on most of our acquire station PC’s. This helps to resolve many issues immediately without requiring on-site service. This also allows our engineers to assess system errors and fully prepare before an on-site visit is scheduled. This way we assure the best chance of success on our first visit, minimizing interruptions to your practice workflow.

Download TeamViewer now for remote support assistance: TeamViewer 7 Download Page

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