Digital Xray System Installation | Columbia, SC

Digital Xray
Summit AC1 Chiro Xray Room

Summit AC1 Chiro Rad-Roomwith 20/20 cDR

A newly opened chiropractic center in Columbia, SC recently purchased a Viztek 20/20 cDR Digital Xray with a Summit AC1 17” Chiro radiography system. Southern States Imaging, Inc. was able to work with both the client and their building contractor to determine the facility’s needs and provide the ideal digital radiography system for the space and budget provided. The answer was to pair a conventional chiropractic x-ray system with Viztek 20/20’s cutting edge technology to deliver the high-end results. Implementing Viztek’s 20/20’s C-DR Chiro allows facilities to eliminate the need of darkroom film processing and avoid the associated costs of cassettes, film, chemistry etc.

Digital Xray cDR Imaging System

Digital Xray Acquire Station
Viztek 20/20 Imaging cDR and OpalRad Acquire

The addition of Viztek’s Chiropractic-based software allows it’s users to focus on industry-based needs. Digital Imaging allows users to implement technology that will reduce processing times and allow them more time to focus on the welfare of each patient. SSI, Inc. has the capability of working with all of your x-ray needs, from planning to installation and training.

After effective collaboration with building and electrical contractors this system was delivered and installed and calibrated successfully in just 2 and a half days. Training was completed before the end of the third day. Check out the 20/20 Imaging Product Brochure and contact us for more information.


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