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Medical Imaging Equipment
FireCR with Vertical Mount

Looking for quality medical imaging equipment, the Fire CRII was an easy choice for Poplar Bluffs latest diagnostic imaging equipment purchase. This high quality CR system offers excellent image quality and fast patient turnaround time while occupying a minimal footprint. With the intuitive OpalRAD acquire software by Viztek imaging is made quick and easy after minimal training! Furthermore, this system can process 60 plates per hour while offering excellent image quality.  

Compact Medical Imaging Equipment

The compact Fire CRII is a great choice for mobile systems but can be used in almost any medical environment. At just 65lbs with a small physical footprint this scanner can be wall-mounted vertically offering an excellent space saving design! Updating your analog film process to a Digital CR system will significantly increase patient turnaround time while also cutting the costs associated with processing film. The Fire CRII is a great first step for companies ready to go digital and can easily be integrated with Viztek’s Picture Archiving and Communications System PACS software.

We’re happy to assist your facility with new or refurbished digital imaging solutions made to fit your practice needs. To learn more about the Fire CRII scanner and other additional ways to take your company digital please contact Southern States Imaging, Inc.

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