OEC-9600 C-Arm

Fully Reconditioned 9600 OEC C-Arm

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(Available With Flat Panel Upgrade and Brand New C-Arm Batteries)

The GE OEC 9600 is still the most popular c arm for sale on the market today, offering a true digital imaging system with crisp, clear images, robust penetration power and excellent resolution. The GE OEC 9600 C-Arm is a multi-application mobile X-ray imaging system that provides solutions to the most demanding needs in Pain Management, General, Orthopedic, Vascular, and Neurovascular surgeries. The OEC 9600 comes complete with a suite of available features which are now regarded as the tried-and-true industry standards. The system boasts a great range of motions including Horizontal travel, Orbital travel, Motorized vertical travel, Wig-wag and C-arm rotation about the horizontal axis! This OEC C-9600 Arm offers true digital imaging with versatile physical movement making it an ideal reconditioned C-Arm system for any facility aiming to buy refurbished medical imaging equipment.

OEC 9600 System Configurations for Your Practice Needs

The OEC 9600 is simple to operate and offers all of the essential core functionality expected from a high end C-Arm system. Still, we understand that there are many things to consider when choosing from used c arms for sale. Our staff has worked with multiple different C-Arm systems from many different manufacturers over the years and we are very familiar with the OEC 9600 C-Arm. This insight is specifically what allows us to provide your practice with the most important system details before, during and after the system sale and installation. By determining your specific needs we can easily determine which features will be essential or unnecessary for your practice. The OEC 9600 can then be custom configured with multiple specialized software packages based on your preference. This modular software licensing allows you to only pay for the features your practice requires.

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Specialty Packages Available

These custom system configurations are what help the OEC 9600s remain one of the most user friendly C-Arm systems available. Durable and easy to operate, the 9600 mobile series is an imaging system that your entire facility can rely on to provide care to your patients. Multiple custom software configurations are currently available including GSP, ESP, Vascular (4/8/15 FPS), Neurovascular (30 FPS) and Cardiac (30 FPS). The OEC 9600 fluoroscopy system is highly regarded by hospitals, pain management centers and imaging centers alike. Many private practices have chosen to utilize the OEC 9600C largely on account of it’s flexibility and productivity.

Reconditioned OEC 9600 C Arm For Sale Now!

The radiology and imaging specialists at Southern States Imaging are happy to collaborate with you in order to find the optimal configuration for your specific C-Arm system needs. Our experience has given us great insight as to which products provide the greatest reliability as well as which are the most cost effective solutions for any practice’s imaging needs.

The high quality features included even with the standard OEC 9600 have made it the industry benchmark for modern facilities. This X Ray C Arm has pushed the technological advances in all fluoroscopy system models. Reconditioned OEC 9600 C-Arms remain in high demand on account of their straightforward functionality, speed and precision which is required in the modern medical facilities. All of these factors result in a tried and true C-Arm model which will retain its functionality for years to come.

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Flat Panel Monitor Upgrade
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