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Agfa CR 30-X

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Looking for an affordable way to go from analog to digital? Look no further than the CR 30-X. This single slot digitizer combines high image quality with high throughput. A compact and convenient CR solution, the CR 30-X is easy to install, use and maintain. It provides seamless integration, from X-ray exposure to print or softcopy. Flexible and robust, the CR 30-X uses proven technologies to provide uncompromising and consistent image quality. For decentralized General Radiography (ICU, Emergency), military field hospitals, orthopaedic, chiropractic and veterinary use, the CR 30-X is the ideal solution. Whether in Emergency or Intensive Care, quick access to information is important. By scanning the phosphor plate at the full width of 43 cm, the CR 30-X combines high quality with high throughput. The CR 30-X also supports all popular cassette formats, including panoramic.

Improved Workflow Without Compromise

The CR 30-X provides high quality, fast and affordable image capture in a compact solution that is ideal for in-room integration, thereby increasing patient comfort. The drive is on for an affordable way to go digital. With the CR 30-X there are no chemicals and no need for film storage. Its table-top size makes it ideal for smaller enterprises, while its DICOM compatibility allows the transmission of images to local networks – or even over the internet – to a colleague or to a physician working from home. The CR 30-X works in conjunction OpalRAD acquire software. Intuitively designed, OpalRAD enables the radiographer to complete a digital X-ray exposure effortlessly and with minimal training. In addition, the CR 30-X uses intelligent image processing software to automatically optimize the final image quality without the need for human intervention. These capabilities, combined with in-room integration and high throughput, enable radiographers to enjoy a more convenient and faster workflow throughout the imaging process.


Seamlessly Integrated, Complete CR Solution

The CR 30-X and NX workstations are just two of Agfa HealthCare’s broad portfolio of solution components. Produced to enable you to achieve a seamlessly integrated digital workflow – from patient registration on the RIS to final display of softcopy or hardcopy images – the CR 30-X uses well defined DICOM protocols for all steps in the process. Uncompromising high quality images. Fast preview and high throughput. Low cost of ownership. Ease of use. And the capability to integrate seamlessly with other systems into a convenient workflow… These are the elements that make the CR 30-X system the intelligent choice for professionals.

Compact and Versatile Design

The CR 30-X’s imaging plates are housed in a cassette that is inserted horizontally. This makes it a compact table top single slot digitizer requiring minimal space while offering easy integration in vans, trucks, and other mobile use facilities. The result is a system capable of performing in a wide variety of environments, particularly those where space is an issue. The CR 30-X also comes with a range of optional accessories for mobile usage. The accessories include an all-in-one cart to keep the CR 30-X within easy reach and maximize available space. A mobile kit designed to secure the digitizer in a truck or van is also available.

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System Warranty

30-Day Limited


(14 x 17 in) = approx 60 plates/hour
(9.5 x 12 in) = approx 71 plates/hour

Grayscale Resolution

Data acquisition: 20 bits/pixel
Output to processor: 16 bits/pixel

Dimensions (WxDxH)

693x701x546mm (27.2×27.6×21.5 in)
Depth including input tray: 786 mm (30.94 in)


Approx.: 72 kg (158 lbs)