Carestream Vita CR

Carestream Vita CR Scanner

$12,500.00 $10,500.00

Carestream VITA systems save time and trouble at every step. Fast, easy setup means you’ll unpack your system and be up and running the very same day! A small footprint allows simple installation. Preconfigured image-quality “looks” simplify selection and standardization of your default image preferences. The result is a precise, logical and intuitive set of tools that give you complete control over medical patient studies and images like never before. The systems’ scalable design and optional features grow along with your needs. CR solutions are designed to replace and upgrade film x-ray processing setups. Once the image/study is converted to digital data via CR cassette, the image can then be viewed at the CR control station, where images are checked for quality and positioning.

Boost Your Throughput and Productivity

The central function of the CR control station is patient demographics, work list management, and quality control. Carestream VITA Computed Radiography (CR) Dicom Viewer systems are highly regarded by hospitals, clinics, imaging centers. Private practices also often utilize them for their flexibility and productivity. Basic Image enhancement software is included within most CR control stations and is designed to manipulate and/or enhance images. This includes bone and soft tissue visualization. Patient Images are then transmitted to storage device / PACS and stored digitally for clinical and/or diagnostic viewing and distribution.


The Carestream Vita CR Systems can really accelerate your workow. Operator training and learning curves are both minimized, as our intuitive interface turns new users into experts in no time. Our “smart erase” feature optimizes erase time across all exposure levels. This improves operator productivity and reduces the cycle time between scans. Simplify Procedures and Cut Your Costs. It’s time to say goodbye to the cost of purchasing lm and storing chemicals. Vita CR Systems’ wide range of cassettes and phosphor screen sizes gives you everything you need. The systems are easy to service, too – fewer parts make maintenance a breeze and reduce service costs and downtime.

Custom Small Form Factor Acquire PC Complete With OpalRAD Imaging Software

Southern States Imaging CR acquire stations are equipped with Windows 7 Professional and RAID-1 real-time redundant hard drive arrays to meet HIPPA data storage requirements as well as reduce or eliminate potential system downtime. We’ve also included a refurbished HP L2245wg 22″ LCD monitor for high definition image viewing. Paired with OpalRAD acquisition and viewing software this is an excellent value for any family practice, urgent care or new facility that needs to keep costs low while they ramp up their patient volume. The cutting edge Viztek OpalRAD acquisition software allows patient x-rays to be quickly imported into the system and made available for diagnosis much quicker than film. Thus the Dicom Viewer system also provides the clinic with faster reads, reduced or eliminated film costs and eliminates the need for physical storage space to archive film. One thing you will not be faced with, however, is a difficult learning curve. Opal-RAD offers a user interface consistent with many other common computer programs in use today.

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System Condition

System Modality

System Manufacturer

System Warranty

30-Day Limited

System Speed

Up to 45 plates per hour

Time to First Image

56 seconds


79 lbs


Two (2) 14”x17” and Two (2) 10”x12”

Software Features

Integrated acquisition and PACS connectivity
Image analysis, Dicom Viewer archiving, and remote image communications

Quick and Easy Installation

Set up and start scanning in just hours!