Fire-CR Scanner

Fire-CR X Ray Scanner

$12,000.00 $10,500.00

Fire-CR x-ray scanner is a cutting edge small form factor computed radiography scanner offering high quality diagnostic images. This compact CR offers excellent quality and flexibility. This system is capable of performing equally well in medical, chiropractic or veterinary environments by offering high quality x-ray images.

The compact, lightweight scanner can be mounted vertically on the wall saving valuable workstation area. The Fire-CR auto-calibration technology consistently delivers high-quality images with minimal service and maintenance required. The scanner is a durable, highly versatile system designed to efficiently handle the unique needs of today’s practices.

Used in combination with an Opal-RAD PACS, the Opal Workstation becomes an invaluable member of the Viztek suite of digital radiology software tools. X-ray technologists are able to continue scanning new patients while the images are stored on the central Opal-RAD Server and doctors view the exams in Patient rooms on connected Opal-RAD Viewers.


This system keeps up with even the busiest medical imaging environments. Reading up to 70 imaging plates/hour the Fire-CR delivers images in record time ready for viewing, enhancement, duplication, archiving or distribution. The Fire-CR is an extremely compact and lightweight CR reader designed to fit into any medical or veterinary facility. Set it on a desktop, mount it on the wall.

Experience the ease of this highly versatile system, capable of efficiently handling the everyday needs of professionals in medical and veterinary facilities of any size. This compact scanner weighing only 65 pounds and measuring 5 inches deep is ideal for locations where space is limited. The wall-mountable models fit in even the tightest imaging booths. Produces digital images ready to be further enhanced, enlarged, duplicated, and sent in DICOM format to any location in seconds with no loss of resolution.

Additional information

System Condition

System Modality

System Manufacturer

System Warranty

As-Is, No Warranty


Mounts horizontally or vertically (optional wall mount)


10 pixels/mm at 73 pph(100um scanning mode) 10×12

Cassette Sizes

14×17 and 10×12 plate sizes

Acquire viewing software

Opal-RAD by Viztek

Processing Speed

Up to 73 plates per hour (14×17)

Scanner Weight



4.6”x18.3”x27.7” (117x464x703mm)