Orex ACL4 with Cassettes

Orex ACL4 CR System

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The Orex ACL4 is configured to meet most clinical applications. With its anatomical interface you can set the system up to capture high quality x-ray images of any body part. The ACL4 erasable/reusable phosphor plates eliminate the need for expensive, non-reusable film. This Orex CR solution includes two 10″x12″ and two 14″x17″ imaging cassettes/plates and a Windows PC-based acquire and viewing station. All of the Orex imaging parameters are optimized to produce digital images which can be enhanced, enlarged, duplicated and sent to any location in seconds!

Images can also be archived locally on CD, DVD or printed. The Orex ACL4  system bring high quality digital x-ray image acquisition and review to your facility. The ACL4 CR combines laser scanner, erasable phosphor plates, advanced image management software and a PC-based review station in one compact affordable package. By reducing overall study times so substantially, radiology departments can see more patients, making better use of both staff and equipment and increasing revenues.


The Orex ACL4 is based on an extremely compact, high image quality OREX CR unit (laser scanner) which transfers phosphor plate x-ray images to a DICOM 3.0 compatible digital computer format. Mounted on an optional Orex Z-cart or placed on a table top, the Orex ACL4 can be used in virtually any location. From hospitals, specialty practices such as veterinarians, chiropractors or podiatrists, the ACL4 can be rolled into any situation where nearly instant digital images are needed. The Orex ACL4 is portable, easy to setup and simple to operate, even in the most demanding conditions.

The Orex eliminates bottlenecks associated with centralized CR readers. Using the Orex QC/Viewing station right in the RAD room, technicians can quickly check patient positioning and make adjustments as necessary before the patient leaves the radiology department. Sophisticated image management software allows the physician receiving the quality controlled image to enhance and manipulate images, take measurements, make annotations, and more. Once the patient study is completed and a diagnosis has been made, the digital images can be stored locally on CD-ROMs or DVDs or transmitted over a network to a central archive facility.

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41 Cassettes Per Hour

Grayscale Resolution

12 Bits Per Pixel

Dimensions (W X D X H)

29” X 26” X 14”


40 KG. (88 LBS.)