Viztek Straight Arm DR

Viztek Straight Arm DR X Ray System

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Viztek Straight Arm DR x ray system offers an advanced digital x-ray solution in an efficient and compact design. This DR system offers state-of-the-art direct radiography solution with functionality fit for all imaging applications. The system features a 17 x 17 detector which processes superior quality digital images within seconds of exposure. It allows for all imaging views that are required in radiology including wheelchair and table work for maximum patient flexibility. The Straight Arm DR maximizes every square foot of space to avoid overcrowded rooms and provides more space for staff to maneuver.

Advanced Digital Medical Imaging Solution

The Viztek Straight Arm DR x ray offers an advanced digital x-ray solution in an easily positioned and compact design. It allows for all commonly required radiology imaging views including wheelchair and table work for optimal patient flexibility. The Straight Arm DR maximizes all available space to avoid overcrowding exam rooms, providing more space for staff to maneuver their patients and themselves. With the freedom to maneuver the straight arm DR for optimal exam flexibility, patients can be standing, sitting or in the lying position.

Improved Viztek DR X Ray Patient Workflow

This advanced digital radiography system is designed to constantly maintain alignment between the x-ray tube and the image receptor panel, regardless of the angle of the DR image receptor. The perfectly balanced straight arm makes patient positioning quick, easy, and safe. This ease of use allows for improved overall patient workflow and rapid diagnosis. Additionally, the mobile patient table allows for the patient to be moved into any required position without the need for their repositioning. Be confident that your digital x ray machine price goes towards providing your facility with the highest potential return on investment! Please contact us today and speak with a Straight Arm X Ray sales specialist.


Advantages of Viztek’s Straight-Arm DR include superior image quality, with greater visualization of soft tissue and bones from the same study exposure. The integrated system of generator console with the workstation in a single unit improves productivity and decreases the chance of operator error. With image display within 3 seconds of exposure, the DR radiography system enables high-throughput performance, enhancing practice workflow. The enclosure keeps the panel safe, enhancing image quality, increasing its longevity, and assuring system stability. The Viztek Straight-Arm X-Ray detector has a 17″ x 17″ matrix and a 14 bit dynamic range with 143μm pixel size.

Straight Arm X Ray with Digital Radiography and PACS Integration

In conjunction with Opal-PACS, our DR offering is advanced and efficient with superior image quality. The line of DR solutions use an integrated flat panel detector to provide a superior imaging experience over standard analog film or CR. The DR offers advanced image quality and full DICOM functionality allowing for the most efficient workflow. The DR solution offers an intuitive user-friendly console with state-of-the-art connectivity. DICOM-compatibility allows the Viztek Straight Arm X-Ray to work seamlessly with the Web-based Opal-RAD PACS, among other PACS systems. X-ray parameters for exposure, review, post-processing operations and filming can all be controlled from a single, user-friendly console. The ViZion software makes the image acquisition process easy to navigate and operate for all users.

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System Condition

System Modality


System Manufacturer

System Warranty

4-Year, 5-Year

Imaging Hardware

17″x17″ active image
143μm pixel size
3,072 x 3,072 detector element matrix
Very high DQE, ensuring excellent image quality
14-bit dynamic range

System Features

Rapid 4 second period from exposure to image display
Integrated console for generator and digital acquisition
Intuitive touch screen interface
Anatomical Programmable Radiography (APR)
Advanced image processing for unsurpassed image quality
Wide range of image review and processing tools
DICOM 3.0 Connectivity: store, print, worklist