GE Prodigy Lunar DXA

GE Prodigy Lunar DXA

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The GE Prodigy Lunar brings exceptional precision and low-dose radiation to your practice at an affordable price. You can depend on Prodigy to provide accurate data on soft tissue and bone composition, including bone-mineral density (BMD), lean- and fat-tissue mass, and percentage of fat.  At the same time, Prodigy streamlines your patient care and practice workflow.

Tried and True DXA systems

When it comes to bone density technology, you can’t go wrong with GE Prodigy systems. GE Prodigy bone density scanners efficiently provide your practice with accurate bone mineral density (BMD) and other body composition analyses. Prodigy’s advanced features help your DXA scanning process flow with ease and also help you to manage your patient data and business more effectively.



OneScan technology allows the Lunar Prodigy to perform specific exams without requiring patient repositioning between scans, providing streamlined DXA workflow to compliment a full suite of automated tools and connectivity options.

Encore Data-management utilities

Encore Composer software allows simple generation of customizable, automated reports to help manage patient care. The Multi-User Database allows multiple workstations to access DXA scan files simultaneously and allows multiple GE bone densitometers to acquire and save scan files to a common database. Furthermore, the database allows remote analysis and reporting via network.

Business tools to manage your DXA

Patient DXA studies can be trasnmitted where and when you need it with DICOM (IHE compliant), HL7, SQL Server and TeleDensitometry compatibility. Reporting capability is expanded further by outputting multiple exams simultaneously, whether printed or sent a to DICOM storage destination.

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System Warranty

1-Year, 2-Year

Encore Software Features

Advanced intuitive graphical interface
Multiple Patient directories with Microsoft Access database
SmartFan for scan window optimization and dose reduction
Automated Scan mode selection
AutoAnalysis™ for a better precision
BMD or sBMD results (BMC and Area)
Extensive Reference Data
User defined Reference Population

Patient Data Features

T-score, Z-score, % Young-Adults and % Age-Match
Automated WHO Background evaluation
Patient trending with previous exam importation
Multiple languages available
Multimedia Online Help

Typical Scan Time and Radiation Dose

(At the best Precision)
AP Spine : 30 sec : 0.037mGy (< 1%CV)
Femur : 30 sec : 0.037 mGy (< 1%CV)
Total Body/ Body Comp. : 4 min 30sec: 0.0003 mGy
(< 1%CV)