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Whether you are in the market for new or refurbished medical imaging equipment Southern States imaging has a suitable X Ray unit for sale!

Amrad Radiology Equipment Sales

Amrad DFMT medical X Ray machines are a high volume radiography industry leader! Built to last with a heavy duty, continuous-column tubestand and Amrad’s highest capacity elevating table. It is capable of supporting patients weighing up to 650 lbs making it a world-class system designed for demanding hospital radiology departments, orthopedic and urgent care clinics or imaging centers.

AmRad Medical Imaging Equipment

The easy to read LCD shows SID to table-top and table receptor with discreet SID of 40” and 72” to the wallstand. This readout allows for fast and accurate patient positioning. Cross-table views are easily accomplished using the rotational and transverse positioning capabilities. The 10 ft. floor track allows for off-table and weight bearing exams and is customizable down to 8 ft.



Both new and used medical equipment for sale by AmRad can be configured to meet the needs of any department. AmRad Medical DFMT radiography machines features include, but are not limited to:

Elevating Four-way Float Top Table Radiography System

  • An extra-wide 35.5″ table top for the S222 elevating table to help patients feel more secure.
  • A Four-way lock release handle for easy patient positioning can be located anywhere on the rails of the S223 non-elevating or S222 elevating tables.
  • Four-pedal design allows for easy accessibility to table lock release.
  • Collision-protection electronics and fail-safe locks ensure safe operation.
  • Non-elevating version available – New and used Amrad FMT medical imaging devices

Amrad X Ray J1000 Wall-Stand

  • Center mounting or side mounting of Bucky makes this wallstand flexible for any patient application or installation limitation.
  • Ergonomically designed hand control for ease of positioning wall receptor.
  • Side-mounted handgrips stabilize patients during PA exams.
  • Overhead-Grip option available. (Not included in standard medical x ray machine cost)
  • Grid Cabinets in place of Bucky optional.

Amrad New X Ray Machine – Industry Best Warranty

The cost of x ray machine equipment by AmRad includes the industry’s best warranty! The DFMT X-Ray offers exceptional performance, reliability and long-term investment value. AmRad Medical X-Ray systems are developed, assembled and integrated in the United States. Those not currently in the market for new medical imaging systems can still capitalize on a used x ray machine with extended warranty. A smart  investment for any budget conscious practice! Designed for long-term durability and affordability, AmRad X-Ray imaging systems offer wide customization of products to create the ideal solution for your medical x ray imaging needs.

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