Universal VetTek X-Ray System

Used Universal VetTek X-Ray System

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Imagine a veterinary x-ray system so adaptable that it fits any office, any need and any budget. The Universal VetTek does all of this and while still provides superior image quality across a wide range of large and small animal studies. As a product family, VetTek is easy to operate, requires minimal floor space and is available in eleven different configurations, including digital – one of which is right for your practice or hospital.

Quality Comes Standard

Compare Universal’s VetTek system with either Summit’s InnoVet* or InnoVet Select* system and you’ll quickly see this is a very full featured system! Whether it’s the advanced four mA stations, 28” wide table top for larger animals, VetTek’s standard configuration gives you time-saving and performance-enhancing features in every category.

The VetTek HF series provides the veterinarian with increased mR/mAs for a given kVp when compared to single phase generators. This provides the clinician the choice of either reducing exposure times or using the extra penetrating power to radiograph the extremely large patient.

Improved Diagnostics and Safety for Less

VetTek provides you the ease and comfort of patient positioning normally associated with human medical systems that cost thousands of dollars more and require more floor space. Patient and operator safety is assured as the VetTek has surpassed the rigid safety standards and testing of Underwriters Laboratories, both electrically and mechanically, and bears the mark of being UL Classified.

If you’re in the market for a reconditioned x-ray system in fantastic condition this VetTek system is the cost effective imaging system solution your practice has been looking for!



A powerful 400 mA, 125 kVp single phase generator is fully integrated into the table to provide a cost-effective and time-saving solution for the veterinarian who seeks maximum capability in minimal space. The tilt-out control panel makes all generator controls quickly accessible and reduces operator errors and set-up time. The control panel is also fully water and fluid proof!

Not 2 – Not 3 – But 4 mA Stations! Unlike those that imitate us, we don’t make you choose between a low mA station for avian studies, exotics and small animals, or a high mA station for the larger animals. You get both – a 50 mA and a 400 mA – with 100 mA and 300 mA in-between!

AFP’s exclusive SurePrep circuitry eliminates the hassles and frustrations associated with the traditional two-stage footswitch and manual actuation of the collimator light, while removing the guess work of knowing when an exposure can be initiated.

A cassette storage box built into the table front allows the clinician to remain at the table while changing cassettes during multi-view procedures. This unique feature not only saves time, but also wear and tear on the clinician as it greatly reduces the amount of walking back and forth during a procedure.

Electric locks maximize operator efficiency, comfort and convenience by providing virtually effortless movement.

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