PACS Server Installation | Savannah, GA

Viztek OpalRAD PACS Server Software
Viztek OpalRAD PACS Software

PACS server solutions offered by Southern States Imaging, Inc. recently provided a chain of urgent care centers a PACS server solution to enable their facilities to quickly and efficiently share medical images with both providers and patients. Viztek’s Opal-RAD PACS system software with unlimited web licenses allowed this site to easily achieve a new web-based platform for accessing and sharing patient’s images.

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Opal Rad Study List and Acquire Software Available

Digital Medical Imaging Software

Opal Rad Study List
OpalRad Study List

Just as important as the equipment you use for your imaging needs is the digital medical imaging software that enables you to view, share and analyze your images throughout your network. Southern States Imaging, Inc. has worked with numerous clients on upgrading their software needs. Viztek’s Opal Rad digital medical imaging software is one of the most popular options because of its ability to be customized to fit any facility. Opalweb Study ListWith their web-based PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System) they are able to bring speed and convenience to multiple-users with ease. Opal-RAD Web-Based PACS Software has the ability to handle high-volume clinical users. With only an internet connection you can turn any computer or tablet into a diagnostic workstation.

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