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Presto Dual-Wireless X-Ray Detector
Dual Wireless DR Room

Recently Southern States Imaging, Inc. had the great fortune of working with Savannah Surgical Group in Savannah, GA. We were successful in assisting them throughout the purchase, installation and training of a brand new digital X-Ray detector system. The Viztek dual DR Leggera imaging system offers both a fixed DR and wireless DR panel. Both of the panels utilize the newest Cesium technology which offers the lowest dosage of radiation possible to patients and highest possible resolution. By upgrading from their previous reconditioned X Ray scanner they have decreased the patient radiation dose by up to 30%! The Leggera digital X-Ray system also offers a superior image with accelerated processing time. This allows Savannah Surgical a faster turnaround and high quality image resolution.

Wireless DR X-Ray Detector

Presto Wireless DR Retrofit Acquire Station
Multi-ModalIty Acquire Area

The Leggera’s 35x43cm wireless panel features an ultra-light design and is highly versatile, fitting in various x-ray room environments. At only 6.17lbs and with up-to 8-hours of battery life, the (ISO 4090) cassette size panel uses ethernet communication technology and includes a back-up connection cable. The fixed 17″ x 17″ DR panel is an ideal solution for upright imaging. This incorporates the fixed and wireless DR panels into a single dual panel room. The “Digital Age” of radiography is no longer an up-and-coming event; it is now present in every field of radiology. The technology that only hospitals could once afford is now available to private practices and clinics regardless of which medical field. Veterinary, Chiropractic, Urgent Care and Family Practice facilities can now entertain trading in their existing CR scanners and their film-based solutions to increase their patient workflow capabilities with far better image resolution.

For questions about how the Leggera dual X-Ray detector system or any of our DR equipment can benefit your practice please call us today at (843)619-3565.

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