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X-Ray Equipment
Americomp Spectra 50HF XRay Room

An Americomp XRay system is ideal for Columbia’s largest primary and preventive care provider. This new Spectra 50HF AP system paired with Viztek’s Opal CR II is a great choice for a busy facility handling a wide range of medical needs. Americomps have proven over time to be affordable systems with highly dependable performance and reliability. Americomp’s Spectra high frequency system is designed for clinical use. Its technology allows a reduction in patient exposure while enhancing diagnostic imaging and extending tube life. It has a very small learning curve, is easy to operate and has the option to add wall-stand and table Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) chambers.

Opal CRII Acquire with Americomp X-Ray Equipment

Americomp Radiographic System with Viztek Opal CRII
Viztek Opal CRII System

Coupling Americomp X-Ray Equipment with Viztek’s Opal CR II makes this digital x-ray suite a complete package. The Opal CR II scanner quickly processes x-rays  into digital images with the ability to process up to 60 plates per hour. This sleek and light-weight scanner is able to handle large volume clinics with ease. The innovative space saving wall-mounting bracket is a must for facilities wanting to maximize their potential rad-tech acquire station area. As a new construction facility, Southern States Imaging was able to help this clinic through the entire buildout and approval process. SSI’s advanced medical imaging consultation includes working on xray and acquire room designs with the contractor and assisting with the appropriate filing of state-regulated paperwork. We also provide installation, on-site training and have many different warranty and post-warranty options available. Whether you are looking to build a new site or upgrade your current x-ray suite Southern States Imaging Inc. is capable of handling it all from beginning to end. Contact the Southeastern medical imaging specialists today to discuss an Americomp XRay system for your practice!


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