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X-Ray Imaging System
Vertical FireCR

SSI recently outfitted a local chiropractic office with a reconditioned x-ray imaging solution complete with a computed radiography scanner and acquire station PC. The somewhat smaller buildout of this particular chiropractic x-ray room made matters a bit more challenging than usual. However, the space-saving vertical mounting design of the FireCR scanner paired with a small form factor (SFF) acquire station we were able to provide a complete turnkey solution with a minimal footprint suitable for the space-limited working area. SSI often works with clients throughout their facility build-out process to help provide the essential answers regarding system specs and regulatory guidelines. When afforded the opportunity to discuss the right options for a specific clinic SSI can help assure a successful system installation.

Americomp Spectra 325e X-Ray Imaging Room

Reconditioned Americomp X-Ray
Reconditioned Americomp Spectra 325

The Spectra 325e reconditioned x-ray system is fit for any small clinic or private practice. With a maximum output of 300 mA at 125 kVp this unit provides consistent and reliable x-ray exposures generated with ease by the simple and functional system console. Please feel free to call us with questions concerning your own practice needs. We can help get you the answers and documentation necessary to ensure that you are prepared for your next x-ray imaging solution. We have the ability to install the right equipment and offer competitive post-warranty service agreements that will keep your imaging department running efficiently and economically.

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